An exciting new development in Bristol city centre

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Welcome to our website. Here you will be able to keep up to date with our plans to revitalise this key area of the city centre. You will be able to find here all the information about our proposals, the public consultation and how to give us your feedback. If you would like to be kept updated as the project progresses, please register to ensure you stay informed.

In April 2021 we held two online consultation events on the emerging proposals for St Mary le Port. You can view a recording of each session by clicking on the links below.

Session 1

Session 2

Left behind for decades, the redevelopment of St Mary le Port will help revitalise a key area of Bristol.

Our proposals include:

Preserving what’s great about Bristol.

Repairing and celebrating St Mary le Port Tower and ruins

Re-connecting St Mary le Port to the City.

Reinstating streets lost in the Second World War

A greener, cleaner, more attractive place.

Building a truly sustainable, clean, and green development

Investing in Castle Park with improved access and more green spaces to enjoy

New shops, café’s bars, restaurants and flexible workspaces

Hundreds of jobs to support Bristol’s economy

A programme of public art activities and events

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